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Alexander Lukacs, Ph.D, MS

Senior Science Advisor

  • World-renowned expert in the chemistry and manufacture of Polysilazanes

  • Inventor of Record on thirty four (34) U.S. Patents and author / co-author of several publications, including two book monographs.


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Lucas Marin, MS, MBA

Lead Chemist, Director of R&D

  • Professional experience in pharmaceutical, analytical, and synthetic chemistry with diversification into materials science and process chemistry

  • As Senior Research Chemist, led the company's R&D Team in the successful development and commercialization of high performance coating products utilizing silicon-based polymer technology and chemical process engineering.

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Mike Leimas

Managing Member

  • Expert in leadership with experience in production, inventory management, shipping, research and development, practical chemistry, process scale-up and task organization.

  • Mike spent 11 years in the U.S. Army developing his leadership skills and through multiple combat deployments has learned how to be a valuable member of any team. The majority of his career was spent as an operational sniper and his observational skills make him a force multiplier for team Agostyx.

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