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Extreme Environment Materials Solutions, (EEMS®), LLC is a materials polymer ceramic technology solutions company providing products that address customer needs in extreme operating environments. We develop, manufacture, and sell specialty materials and offer performance chemicals that meet your immediate needs.

Hathaway Advanced Materials is an American-based company with offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We engineer, manufacture, and market a broad selection of standard polysilazane resins suitable as drop-in replacements for most commercially available polysilazane. In addition, we produce "special" polysilazane resins to customer specifications.

Formed originally as Hathaway Consulting Services in 1979 in Toronto, it has been the principal laboratory for the investigation of claims of anomalous energy production as well as unconventional propulsion and gravity-modification schemes. Current research has focused on more conventional scientific investigations and development. Clients have ranged from private individuals to universities and research institutes and international foundations.

KajiCustoms creates Japanese traditional inspired works with both traditional and modern materials. Focused on the use of traditional differential hardening techniques to create spectacular hamons, KajiCustoms offers one-of-a-kind heirloom quality pieces.

Natural Earth Paint is proud to be a growing green business, expanding from offering our children’s paint kit and oil paint kit to a whole range of natural fine arts suppliesface paints, and children’s art supplies. We travel the globe sourcing the same earth and mineral pigments used by ancient, medieval, and Renaissance painters. True to our eco-friendly roots, Natural Earth Paint continues to be committed to eco-friendly products and practices, reflected by our prestigious Gold certification from Green America, the highest rank for a green business. We use locally-made, 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags, recyclable glass, and aluminum bottles, and compostable pouches for our packaging, and we operate out of a 100% solar-powered facility that also serves as a community bubble wrap drop-off site. Plus, we give back to organizations and causes that protect Mother Earth. Learn more about our green efforts on our Sustainability page.

Norwest Engineering is a multi-discipline, consulting engineering firm focused on developing long-standing relationships with our clients. We are a team of talented, hard-working individuals with a wide variety of experience in many industries. To succeed at Norwest, our engineers must be comfortable wearing many hats and taking ownership of tasks assigned to them. We are a company of finishers, taking pride in our ability to create progress on your projects. 

Weeds and Wildflowers Photography started out as a hobby that quickly grew into an obsession. Jamee Whitaker is an Emergency Department Nurse, Wife, and Mother of 2 beautiful little girls. In her spare time she has attended many hours of Photography training courses and is actively seeking a larger client base. Her goal is to provide beautiful, uncompromising photos at a an affordable price to families, businesses, and individuals alike. 

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