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Mike Leimas


Director of Operations

  • Mike manages the day to day operations at Agostyx and is currently being mentored in Chemistry by Alex Lukacs and Lucas Marin while he attends Southern Oregon University in pursuit of a B.S. in Chemistry. 

  • Mike Leimas spent the majority of his U.S. Army career as a Sniper. Through his extensive training and multiple combat deployments, he was able to hone his leadership and management skills.

  • With substantial experience in production optimization and manufacturing processes, Mike has helped multiple businesses streamline and standardize their operations.

Professional Experience



  • U.S. Army Infantryman - 11 years

  • U.S. Army Sniper - 8 years

  • Highest Rank Achieved: Staff Sergeant

  • Multiple combat deployment locations including Afghanistan and Africa. 

  • Experience includes: warehouse and team management, production processing, research and development, practical chemistry, production scale-up, new equipment installation, employee training, quality control and program management and product standardization.

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