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Our Mission

  • Our mission is to further the advancement of Polysilazane technology. We do this by leveraging our knowledge and experience in this field to solve a diverse range of problems and to help others overcome technical obstacles. 

  • Agostyx is a stand-alone, freelance, Research and Development team. The intellectual property that results from the R&D that Agostyx does for any of its clients belongs solely to that client, and we offer long-term support on any technology that is developed. We also understand that for small companies and start-ups funding can be an issue. In order to accommodate this, we offer terms that are unique to each client and often do not require any funding upfront to get started on a project.

Our Services

Contract Research and Development

  • A specific project is proposed by the client with well defined goals in mind.

  • A contract is put in place between the client and Agostyx targeting those goals. Options might include payment for hourly services (up-front) and/or compensation on royalties of client commercialized products (back-end).

  • Clients own exclusive rights to all technology developed under this contract.



  • We offer consulting for a wide range of things such as Polysilazane Chemistry and manufacture, production scale-up and streamline, standard operating procedure development and quality control process development and implementation. 

  • Many companies that we have worked with in the past had their own R&D departments that needed a little extra "push" in order to finish the project they were working on. We can provide consulting to R&D staff in collaboration in order to help them achieve their goals. 

  • Our willingness to collaborate and our outside the box method of thinking is what has made us so successful up to this point. We realize the value of teamwork and like to step into situations with an open mind. 


Intellectual Property Licensing

  • While we enjoy working in a collaborative fashion with other companies for technology they ultimately own, we also have ideas of our own that we like to pursue. We do that in our laboratory here in Phoenix, OR. When such programs are ready for commercialization, we then make them available for licensing.

  • Currently we are pursuing R&D programs in renewable energy, performance coatings, ceramic matrix composites, pre-ceramic polymer hybrids and optical materials.

  • Once our technology has been licensed, it can subsequently be sub-licensed in many cases. Our typical license arrangements offer the option of sub-licensing.  

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4495 South Pacific HWY Suite #380, Phoenix, OR, 97535

1 (973)-572-7885

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