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Chaz Brown

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Managing Member

  • With an eye towards fulfilling unmet needs of fellow humans, Chaz and a friend started their first business, painting/wall papering, at age 13. Since then he is or has been a principle or partner in over 15 businesses.

  • Dr. Brown graduated with honors in 1979 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. In 1979 he completed Marshall Thurber’s Burklyn Business School. He graduated from the Ontological Design Course in 1988, a three year program on language and being. He also achieved Board Certification in Neurology in 1993.

  • Since 1998 he has been managing a private equity fund. Duties include buying, selling and financing various projects, preparing regular financial statements for the various stakeholders. 

  • As a successful entrepreneur, Chaz has managed over 15 flourishing businesses in the past 55 years. 

  • His first invention was the BioElectric Shield, a device that balances and strengthens the body’s energy system.  Subsequently, he developed a video series called Peak Performance Postures, which use linguistics and neurologically based yoga/tai chi-like positions to enhance human function. The U.S. Patent Office awarded him a patent for a magnetic air vent filter. 

  • Chaz' hobbies include praxeology (the study of human action and conduct) and making compost at his home.

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